How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You don’t have to worry if you are feeling crushed by the thousands of options for driving traffic to your site. You aren’t alone. As a beginner in digital marketing, it can be extremely difficult to drive traffic.  

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Nowadays, there are tons of options to choose from if you want to drive traffic to your site. All you’ve got to do is pick some that work well with your goals.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips for traffic and lead generation for your website. 

Write Guest Posts 

A strategy where you create content for other blogs is called guest posting. Typically, the site owner or the editor will allow you to link back to your website in return. Of course, there are benefits to this, including increased brand awareness, more backlinks, and more referral traffic.  

Looking for blogs that are willing to accept guest blogging is the biggest issue with this strategy.  

That is why almost every SEO utilizes Google search operators to look for websites with “become a contributor” or “write for us” pages.  

However, this is time-consuming and tedious. In addition to that, everyone finds the same opportunities if they follow the same technique. Because of this, the sites’ editors frequently obtain a lot of pitches. Thus, they ignore a lot of them.  

To solve this issue, you should not restrict yourself to only websites with “become a contributor” page. Even if the site does not advertise for it, almost every single one of them is willing to accept guest blogging.  

If you can look for sites that have written about a certain topic before, then the possibilities are this website will be interested in a guest blogging about the same topic.  

Promote Content in Online Communities that are Still Relevant 

The place where your target audience hangs out on the internet is called relevant online communities. You can look for these places almost everywhere. This includes forums, Slack, Reddit, and Facebook groups.  

Appear on Podcasts 

In the United States, around 43% of the population has listened to a podcast. That is why one of the best marketing channels out there is a podcast. There are a lot of brands today that are following the podcast trend and producing their versions of it.  

However, producing your podcast is stressful work. You will have to buy equipment, know some editing, have a guest, and much more. It does not appear like a great idea to dive right into if you’ve got limited resources.  

So, you have to think outside the box. Since there are a lot of brands that are flocking to the podcast game, it means they will be needing guests. So, all you have to do is to pitch to be that guest. 

Work With Other Brands 

For almost every brand, there is a lot of non-competing business with a similar or the same target audience. Thus, if you want to cross-promote to each of your audiences, you should work together.  

To do this, you have to find opportunities to work with brands that solve various issues for the same audience. You can easily gain access to a whole new user base with this. 

Common Myths about SEO

Every year, SEO keeps on improving its game. This is because Google algorithm keeps getting smarter and smarter as time passes by.  

Today, SEO and Google might have the upper hand in the game today. However, you could also get ahead. This is particularly true if you know what you’re doing.  

One of the best things you can do is to know some of the common myths about SEO. These myths are usually not true. Most of them don’t have any impact on your ranking results, marketing funnel, and much more. Unfortunately, these myths are spreading online due to misinformed people. 

Here are some of the common SEO myths you should know. Make sure you avoid these myths to guarantee the best results for your SEO campaign. 

It’s Bad to Interlink on Your Page 

This is certainly false. Because of the interlinked pages, your visitor will stay on your site for a longer period. They will be able to see different other posts you might have published. Of course, it will be relevant to the same topic. 

You are technically creating clusters of various topics with interlinks. This will help promote the rank of your page on the search engine.  

It is Fine to Have a Slow Loading Website 

You are allowed, under no circumstances, to have a website that loads very slow if you want to rank on Google’s first page.  

If a visitor leaves your page without viewing it, also known as bounce back, it will hurt your ranking. Of course, this will always happen if your site takes forever to open. Before a visitor leaves, he/she will usually give your website 3 seconds to load. That is according to a study conducted by experts. 

Meta Tags are not Significant 

The brief descriptions under the link on your site on the Google SERP are called the Meta Tags. Meta Tags are not significant to the Google algorithm. However, if you want users to want to visit your site, you need to create a Meta Tag that attracts people.  

Meta Phrases/Keywords, Meta Description, and the Title Tag are the 3 components of the Meta Tags.  

Hummingbird Lowers the Significance of Keywords 

Of course, it does not mean that the keywords lost their significance simply because Google decided to launch a new algorithm. The truth is that the new update has made targeting and researching the keywords a lot simpler than before.  

For those who don’t know, keywords are vital to allow the algorithm to know the details about a blog or a site.   

You Don’t Need Social Media 

If you doubt the power of social media, well, you shouldn’t be. If you want to influence your ranking on the search engine, then start sharing links on social media platforms. Instead of relying solely on visitors searching for keywords, you should create a social media page on a popular platform. This is where you will share your content. Your ratings on Google will drastically improve with this. In addition to that, you also have to update great content on your website. 

Best Digital Marketing Skills to Learn

The managerial role in SEO exists between the technical side of operating a site and content marketing. Usually, SEO managers are marketers who can enhance the technical side of a site for search engines, such as Google. It will be a lot better if the SEO manager possesses social media, mobile, viral, and other digital marketing skills.  

To make things simple, SEO management is a mix of various skills. To drive relevant organic traffic, every single skill should come together. This will result in sales.  

SEO is a landscape that’s always changing. A professional SEO manager should adapt to survive. Here are several digital marketing skills that every SEO manager should have. 

If you think you don’t have time to learn these skills, you can always hire a digital marketing agency for your needs. 

Content Marketing 

In any SEO campaign, content is and will always be the groundwork, no matter what. You are like a car without fuel that is trapped in the middle of the road without content. In any website, content is the essence.  

Because of this, it is pretty obvious that an excellent SEO manager requires content marketing skills to stand out from the crowd. Content marketing is all about producing long-term value from content that creates greater conversion rates and SEO results.  

In addition to that, content marketing enables you to generate a keyword profile, and generate targeted offers pertinent to your audience. Furthermore, it provides you the opportunity to generate authority, and create buzz.  

To hack content marketing, you do not have to be a great writer. You can do the job with a bit of effort, as long as you effectively research your target audience. You can always hire a professional SEO content marketing if you need to.  

Digital Marketing Skills 

There are a lot of reasons why a lot of firms heavily spend on SEO marketing campaigns. To make things simple, no website can survive without traffic. Of course, you will have better potential clients if you drive more traffic. There are a lot of demands for SEO managers with other skills in digital marketing. 

Do you know anything about visual marketing? Can you do viral marketing? Do you know anything about paid social media marketing? You should work hard to become an SEO manager who influences other skills in digital marketing to bring in more traffic.  

To make things simple, do you know how to combine other digital marketing channels and SEO to boost your outcomes? You are doing well if you know how to do this. On the other hand, you should improve your digital marketing skills since this is what you need nowadays.  

Data Analytics 

According to a lot of experts, data is considered oil. Of course, a lot of marketers agree with this. There are several studies of brands capitalizing on the insights to improve their revenues.  

Mining data in a world of data analytics is extremely easy. For a lot of SEO managers, their preferred tools include SEMRush, Moz, and Google Analytics. However, getting solutions from complicated data is an extremely crucial skill to learn in digital marketing, no matter what tools you use.  

Analyzing data is an important skill to learn.  

Digital Marketing Tips for Social Media Videos

One excellent option to reach millions of people around the globe is social media channels. Using social media video format is one of the greatest methods to promote your content on any social media platform.  

Today, it has gotten even harder to connect and reach your audience ever since social media channels became filled with advertising and promotional content. However, to make it greatly easier for you, you can simply use videos. They are easier to consume, mobile-friendly, and typically bring out more results compared to other methods on social media.  

Today, we are going to discuss things that you should consider when incorporating social media video marketing. These tips are extremely useful if you’re planning to do digital marketing on your own without the help of a marketing agency

Plan Early On 

Of course, planning your social media video marketing strategy is the number 1 thing that you’ve got to consider. Planning is crucial for you to establish an excellent story. Thus, you’ve got to prioritize this stage.  

It will enable you to create effective content if you plan your video marketing strategy. Also, it will make your campaign much more effective.  

Whenever you plan, you have to consider budget distribution, content planning, compiling ideas, and audience research. Creating a top-notch video isn’t a simple job. However, you can make it simpler if you plan.  

Share a Story That’s Compelling 

The core of all effective social media videos is thoughtful storytelling that raises strong emotions. Stories are vital since they promote deep emotions in individuals. Of course, that is what you should do with your audience.  

Work on storytelling if you want to get excellent results with your videos. The right storytelling would take your video strategy to the next level. This will provide your company with even better outcomes. 

Concentrate on Your Video’s Quality 

We all know that quality is more important than quantity. Of course, you can apply this principle in your videos and social media strategy.  

As we have said earlier, it is vital to grab the attention of your audience. However, it is more vital to keep that attention once you have grabbed it. You need the audience to completely watch your videos up until the end. Of course, you can only do that if you produce a social media video that contains top-notch content.  

Quality over quantity is the number one rule whenever it comes to videos. If you have low-quality videos, don’t expect them to go viral. Thus, you need to focus on this stage. Of course, quality does not necessarily mean “video quality” such as 720p or 1080p. Quality should include purpose, wit, and storytelling.  

 Keep in Short 

The first step towards having a top-notch video is to get rid of every single excess part. As mentioned earlier, social media shortened the attention span of every person. Thus, your videos should be filled with engaging and relevant content. Do not ever add any filler.  

Almost every person out there does not have any time to watch a social media video that lasts 20 minutes.  

SEO Strategies to Avoid

To obtain results over time, SEO typically needs money and time investment. It can have hidden expenses, problems, and challenges since SEO is a long-term investment compared to other channels in digital marketing.  

These problems can influence performance and shove the chance to get by and turn into profitable on the investment down the line.  

Unluckily, a lot of organizations and companies have been flushed. Because of certain elements of the process, business challenges, and people involved that disrupt even the best-intended strategies, the resources and money invested in search engine optimization were wasted. 

Here are several SEO strategies that can waste your budget. If you don’t want these things to happen, make sure you hire a professional digital marketing agency for help. 

Paying for Technology and Tools You Do Not Require 

This element is a bit obvious. You have to ensure that you understand what tools you are paying for if they’re helping you manage your success and campaign and if you are using them.  

Potentially, there are tools that you sporadically utilize and can be turned off and on as required to avoid spending money for them every month when not in use. On other occasions, you’ve got go-to tools that you haven’t even touched.  

You should understand your needs, technology stack, and make sure you aren’t wasting money on things you do not require.  

Using Old Tactics and Strategies 

Do not feel obliged to “do SEO”. Usually, that leads to forced strategies and sometimes actions that aren’t impactful or are misguided.  

There are warning signs such as putting city names at the bottom of pages, submitting pages, producing a lot of subdomains, focus on meta tags, and much more.  

You should take a moment to pause and ensure the strategy and tactics align with the latest standards and best practices for how to optimize your website if something feels spammy or outdated.  

If you focus on old or narrow SEO methods, you will waste a lot of energy, time, and money.  

Not Having a Content Resource 

While waiting for content, it’s possible to focus on external ones such as link building and other on-page factors. However, it could affect the overall SEO effort and you might end up spending budget in other aspects if you cannot deliver the content.  

It may appear more costly to pay for content. However, in observation, it’s possibly more affordable than spending money on SEO that cannot be completely effective for many months while waiting.  

All SEO experts want an SEO machine that is well-oiled and working efficiently.  

Every single one of them wants a tactic that aligns with the metrics and goals that they know. In addition to that, they want to ensure that they stay on budget and schedule. 

You need to know the hidden places that the investment can be wasted. As a marketer, you know how powerful SEO is and how it can influence almost every organization and business.  

But, if you do not heed the warning of places where time and money can be wasted, even the best purposes can often result in bad investments and plans. Thus, this will ultimately result in money wasted.