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General Process

Step 1 - Understand your goals
Before we begin developing your site, we listen. We work to understand your company or organization and its purpose in having a web site. We research your audience, your organization, and your competitors. We explore ideas and preferences you may already have for the website. Since you know your business best, your input is important in order to arrive at the best outcome. This phase is important for us in designing a site that brings your ideas to life.

Step 2 - Determine the structure of your site
Next, we construct an outline of the site and begin to define its navigational structure and content. The relationships between components are determined and the general structure begins to take form.

Step 3 - Interactive and Graphic Design
This phase begins to examine the relationship between your end-users and what they will see on the screen. As we develop the interface (the actual screen you see), we reflect and promote your unique business or organization's character, engage the user, and clearly communicate the content of the site. We make sure your website is both highly functional and easy to use. During this phase, your website takes on a definite visual form and style. Here is where it acquires a unique look and feel, a definitive identity and personality that combine graphic art and technology.

Step 4 - Feedback
We will display the work in progress at a private, unpublished Web address on the Internet in order for you to see a working prototype. This is the best process for Web design and production, allowing you to evaluate your site and provide feedback to us for any revisions. We value your input and work with you to refine, expand, or change course as necessary. Revisions can be easily and quickly displayed back via the Web for you to review. We work with you through every step of the process and make sure we deliver the results you expect.

Step 5 - Hosting, Maintenance, & Marketing
Once the site design is finalized and approved, your site is ready to upload to the Internet. DataTech Designs, Inc. will identify and recommend options for your site's hosting, site maintenance and marketing. There are many variables to be considered for each of these key areas, and we will help you understand the options so that you can make informed decisions.